Monday, June 20, 2011

Seven Wants.

Seven Wants.

1. I want CAKE. I'm sorry, leetaal obsessed. But I want really good cake, the kind that makes you close your eyes and wonder why everyone makes such a big deal about chocolate.

2. I also want a blackberry. Yes I'm a materialist. But I just want the BBM really. And the internet. Otherwise my lava is good enough (even though it has a keypad which is slowly peeling itself away from the phone)!

3. I want happiness. Everywhere. No seriously. I want everyone to be happy (this is to counter the previous two materialist wants :P)

4. I want to be a boy for a day. I want the world as my urinal. Just ONE day.

5. I want a superpower. Really. I want to be a superhero, its so cool! And everything always turns out okay.

6. I want willpower. I have ZERO willpower. If I get willpower, I'll lose weight, and I'll work a little harder on my grades and do something useful with my life.

7. I want a genie. Not the three wishes kind. The unlimited wishes kind. Then I can have all of the above and MOOOOREEEE. Muahahahahaha :D

Tomorrow, Six Places :D

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