Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nine Loves.

Sorry Sorry.
I know its supposed to be this daily update thing, got caught with the daily vagrancies of life :P

So here goes, Nine Loves :)

1. Old Hindi Movies. There's nothing like them. I know I've heard my parents harp on about this for the longest time, but I agree with them now. Nothing like Old Hindi Movies. They don't make movies like 'em anymore.

2. Books. Always been my love. Ever since I could waddle around in diapers.

3. Angry Birds. I call it a jihad against piggies. :D (Latest obsession)

4. Food. I sat down to think about what kind of food I love most, and realized I love food. Full stop. Of every category, of every kind.

5. Coldplay + Snow Patrol. They should probably be two separate headings. But I love both =)

6. Train journeys. Its a pity I don't get as much of them as I would want.

7. Disney Movies. Loved them. Love them. Will keep loving them. There's nothing like an animation to keep you company. NOTHING.

8. The Rain. I LOVE the rain.

9.Sleep. This should be my first one actually. I LOVE my sleep. A little too much for my own good, but I love it.

So yes.
Nine loves.
Tomorrow, Eight fears.

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