Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Ten-Day Challenge

So I got this off another blog, Sensitive Chaos. Must see. I love her pictures :) And her headers are awesome.


The way it goes is this-

Ten Secrets
Nine Loves
Eight Fears
Seven Wants
Six Places
Five Foods
Four Books
Three Films
Two Songs
One Picture

I start tomorrow. Promise. Even though I've been so darn inactive.
Tomorrow Promise. Even though I have project submission soon :P

Crash and Burn

We build it up,
fledgling desires,
feeding it life.

We watch it grow,
amble up the wall,
slowly, surely,
clutching every step.

We revel in its success,
each step forward,
our step forward,
We lose ourselves in it.

Then it falls.
And we fall with it.
Inexricably tied,
falling as one.

We crash. We burn.
We live the pain,
live the horror,
we watch it destruct.

And we pick ourselves up.
Brush off the remains of what was once,
move onto something new,
and like the fools we are,
invest all of ourselves all over again.