Thursday, July 28, 2011

Six places

After a particularly long break, I'm back. With Six places this time.
I must keep it brief but, predictably, I have projects due soonly :P



1. The beach/seaside. Anywhere really, no specific place. Just close to the sea. Whattey calming place. I could sit there foreverrrrr!

2. My hostel terrace. Very unlikely place, I admit. But its just, its the terrace. Everything happens there. So many stories, so many hours of agonizing thought and drunken conversations and general happiness. It'll always be a favourite.

3. Turkey. As typical as it may sound, I can't help it, IT'S TURKEY. I've heard so much that I must must must go now! And so many pretty things to see/do/buy there :P Must go alone or with a friend but, NEVER with family. Never.

4. Welham. Its home. Its who I am. It doesn't matter that its not top of the list, it'll always be No. 1 for me :)

5. Ireland. Its so pretty. And so understated, under-hyped. Perfect.

6. I should have something like home here, but it doesn't make sense. I don't have any permanent homes anyway :P So No.6 would be pondicherry. I want to settle down there. Open a bakery or something. Pretend to be all French.

Of course this list is compiled from my very limited exposure of the world, so yeah, it might change. But for now, this'll do :)

Next time, Five Foods.