Monday, December 27, 2010


Thats what I'll be seeing anyway. Since I've to stay up all night.

But, its also a Snow Patrol song. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Snow Patrol.
Well. I LOVE them. L.O.V.E.
They're perfect. Like their song daybreak. So right and so wrong too.

"Something was bound to go right sometime today, All these broken pictures fit together to make the perfect picture of us".

Even the worst days, end with something good.
Like somethings that get solved. And somethings that make you feel better.
And sometimes its just the reassurances that work.
Whatever it is, cheesy as it sounds, its true, there is a silver lining in every storm cloud.
There always is. You just need to look for it.

Sometimes we're so busy looking at the storm cloud, we overlook the lining.
So open your eyes.
Stop looking at the broken pieces, it's pointless.
Look at how they fit together.
Life suddenly becomes meaningful.
Try it. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I NEED a break.
So this moot is driving me crazy. So much. So little time.
But thats how it always is na?
Its okay though.
Its the feeling you get once you've finished thats worth it.
According to a friend of mine, he loves it for the loss of control.
You cannot control what happens when you moot.
I don't like not being in control.
What I do like i the feeling you get once you hit the nail on its head.
Once you find yourself an argument that you know will work.
The feeling.
The pure joy, the euphoria.
Thats what I'm in this for.

And with that, my break ends.
Back to my pursuit of happiness. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

[I decided not to give it a title]

So I'd originally written this for the Law School Lit Mag. Submitted it. Lets see how it goes. *Fingers crossed*

In fields of gold
Under the burning sun
We let our spirits soar
And we grew old
We grew as one
Walked out childhood’s door
And sitting by the firelight
Way past our prime, far beyond
Gnarled and old and spent
The voices in my head they went
These boots are meant for walking
For playing they are not.

Across the lands
So fair and free
Whose rivers fill with blood
We walk in bands
In files of three
Our feet feel like wood
The children dead, their mothers weep
Their homes burnt, still burning
Chaos, wrought thus we
And in my head, they say to me
These boots are meant for walking
For fighting they are not.

In secret nooks
Whispered goodbyes
Hurried glances full of stealth
Poems scribbled in old books
As time flies by
Return to haunt us both
Forbidden love, so sweet its taste
So dangerous, So cruel, So vile
Letting you live, yet leaving you dead
The voices, they said, inside my head
These boots are meant for walking
For loving they are not

And time flew by
Till everything turned cold
Seasons changed, years grew on
The lakes, the rivers, the sky
Stayed as old
The frogs continued to spawn
I did but walk all my life
Away from all I ever wished
Till the fire of my heart was stilled
Then the secret, the voices, they spilled
These boots are meant for walking
Yet for walking they are not.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I LOVE Old Hindi Songs.

So I've been listening to Hindi songs all day. The really old ones. The ones that make you go 'Oh my FUCKING God', I heard these songs when I was a baccha. And they're lovely. You can imagine them. In your head. Its like there's this grainy reel playing in your head, and you can see yoursself, etc. etc.

I LOVE Old hindi songs. They have that sense of poetry in them that today's gaana's lack. They're so lyrical. And so beautiful. And so cute some of them are.

I love old hindi movies too. But I can't really get my hands on those.

So I stick to the songs.
And they're the perfect accompaniment for while working. They don't demand you to pay attention to them. They're there in your subconscious playing. And the tune remains in your head, way after you've shut your laptop, and are nicely on your way to a dreamless sleep [At least thats the case with me!]

So. I'm off. To listen to my purane Hindi gaane.

Till then,

Babuji Dheere Chalna,
Pyaar Mein Zara Sambhalna,
Bade Dhoke Hain Is Rah Mein.

Catching Falling Stars- 5 to be precise.

Its that time of the year again.

What time?

Why Meteor Shower time of course!

I sat for my second meteor shower in Law School. Last time, it was with a very good friend, a senior, and we had this long conversation about law school and life.

Tonight, I sat with another good friend.
But we had no profound discussions.
We didn't talk about Law School.
We didn't talk about Life.

We listened to music.
And we looked for shooting stars.
And we looked for shapes in the clouds.

Last year, that conversation on the terrace made me finally feel like part of something.
Tonight's conversation, it made me feel like I was part of Law School in a different sense.
Not the sense of just becoming part of something,
but the feeling of being part of something.

I'm beginning to find my place here. And its not the place that does it.
Its the people.

Sometimes the most meaningful conversation are full of silence.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shadows Across The Sun

It darkens.
Gloomy. Dreary.
The trees become,
Foreboding monsters.
Their hands reaching out,
To catch me.
Leaves, scuttling around like crabs,
Like memories.
Long forgotten,
Ever remembered.
Sit on the bench,
Chilled to the bone.
The wind whispering,
Its darks secrets in
My ears.
Hair whipping across,
My face, stung with cold.
Like shadows across the sun.

It brightens.
Sunny. Hopeful.
The sky beams,
The trees quiet.
Their ominous countenance,
Stilled by a single ray
Of sunlight.
The breeze lifts me,
Plays with me
With tendrils of hair.
Whispering, congratulating.
‘You’re alive’ they say.
And I am. Truly am.
In every sense. I am.
They touch my sense.
And I exist.

And it darkens yet again.
This flighty world.
All because of the
Shadows across the sun.