Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shadows Across The Sun

It darkens.
Gloomy. Dreary.
The trees become,
Foreboding monsters.
Their hands reaching out,
To catch me.
Leaves, scuttling around like crabs,
Like memories.
Long forgotten,
Ever remembered.
Sit on the bench,
Chilled to the bone.
The wind whispering,
Its darks secrets in
My ears.
Hair whipping across,
My face, stung with cold.
Like shadows across the sun.

It brightens.
Sunny. Hopeful.
The sky beams,
The trees quiet.
Their ominous countenance,
Stilled by a single ray
Of sunlight.
The breeze lifts me,
Plays with me
With tendrils of hair.
Whispering, congratulating.
‘You’re alive’ they say.
And I am. Truly am.
In every sense. I am.
They touch my sense.
And I exist.

And it darkens yet again.
This flighty world.
All because of the
Shadows across the sun.

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