Sunday, December 13, 2009

Socks with sheep on them...

Yes, this post is called 'socks with sheep on them', orecisely because at this very moment I'm lying in bed, all wrapped and warm and wearing my lovely blue socks with sheep on them (they really are very cute).

Firstly, apologies. I should've written more often. But I think I was waiting for something worth talking about to happen. My life is sad. It consists of projects, classes, lunch and the library. That's IT! But tonight changed all that.

I went for a walk with a really good friend. ANd suddenly, while outside Gate 2, she suddenly pulls me, saying, "We need to go", and starts running wildly towards her hostel. So I follow. And we run to the terrace, and voila, a whole slew of shooting stars. Of course, HALF of Law School was there. But that didn;t really matter, because for that brief period of time, it felt like we all belonged. And then they all left. And it was me and Asma. And we just lay there on the terrace looking up at the sky, talking about things in general. And we saw the most amazing shooting stars. But that wasn't the best part. I cleared my head about a lot of things, had a real good heart- to- heart and witnessed exactly how beatiful the sky can be.

And it took a meteor shower to bring me to the terrace to realise and appreciate the beauty of something I see every night. It was surreal, and the best part is, after such a crappy day, this was exactly the kind of thing I needed to end the day.

Well, I really need to sleep. I have a project to write. Or two. I ideally shouldn't have gone to the terrace. But I'm GLAD I did, because there are some things that can't be taught in textbooks, and some experiences that can be witnessed in the classroom. And I just had another lesson in life.

Goodnight (goodmorning actually),
Much love.

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