Thursday, October 15, 2009

My bucket list.

There's the movie bucket list right... well I was sitting with my Eco book in front of me, and I thought, if I died tommorrow, I'd have soo many regrets. So, I decided I'll compile my very own bucket list (a la Morgan Freeman in 'The Bucket List').
Now you can't expect me to come up with an entire list in one sitting (also considering I have a VIVA tommorrow, and a bloody tough one at that). So I will keep adding. And I'm open to suggestions too :)

  1. Run away from college, pick up a bus, and then go somewhere totally unplanned. No itinerary, no travel guide, no maps, no hotels previously booked, nothing. Just the spontaneity that comes when you have absolutely NO idea where in the world you are.
  2. Sit inside the cockpit of a plane, and watch the pilot do his thing! (Its a childhood thing).
  3. Walk along the Great Wall of China.
  4. Go back to Galway, and walk on that bridge in the park (the way I did when I was five).
  5. Direct my own movie (a short documentary would do as well).
  6. Eat at a Dhaba, a proper roadside Dhaba in some village in Punjab.
  7. Dance in the middle of the road to a bollywood number from the 90s (filmy style).
  8. Kiss in the Rain.
  9. Kiss in the rain, under an Umbrella (can you hear Pyaar hua Ikraar hua in the background?)
  10. Hold a Rally.
  11. Be part of one of those street marches for a cause (The LGBT parade would be pretty awesome).
  12. Run a marathon.
  13. Score a goal, like a really good goal, in soccer.
  14. Learn the Jive (or something equally cool).
  15. Paint my room.
  16. Learn how to play poker.
  17. Spend a full night just wandering around town aimlessly.
  18. Go to Bombay, with a pukka Bombayite, and experience the city. :)
  19. Get a star named after me (and no this is not plagiarised from A Walk to Remember, I've wanted one ever since a friend of mine got one named after her in 9th Grade).
  20. Stand up on the table in a bar/restaurant and dance (this wll of course be when I'm completely sober).
Okay 20 done... more to come... next time I'm tired of studying Eco!

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  1. 13. Next PFL.
    18. Be my guest, darling. Be my guest.