Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cow or Pig?

I should be sleeping. I really should. And I'm not going to be all Emo and stuff, even though early morning writing usually means that something is on my mind.
But I shall not be Emo.
Because, really, blogs are public fora, and I'd rather keep my life to myself too (aside from the fact that I'm sure you don't want to know about it too :P)


I realized today, that every step of the way we make a choice. Take this path,don't take that one. Step here, not there. We make a choice everyday.
And its not just the big ones, the ones that may be life-changing or that will decide the course of the day; its the small ones that matter too.
And there are different types of choices.
There are the ones you make unconsciously,
the ones that you need to rack your brains to make,
the ones that call for deep soul-searching,
the ones that require you to face your fears,
the ones take a bit of you with them,
the ones that need to be made every single day.

There are choices that you make. And you make them every step of the way. Because every step of the way, life throws situations at you that require those choices. And you make them. And sometimes you'll get situations where making that choice takes a huge chunk of you with it.

There's no set way to deal with it you know. Sometimes you can do what Christina Yang does in the Grey's Season 6 Finale, go by gut instinct. Close your eyes and ask yourself, "Pig or Cow?". And go with the first answer that comes to your mind.
Or you sit and think about it. And think. And think some more. And once you've looked at it from every possible angle, and dissected every little limb, you reach a conclusion that is well thought out and logical.

Personally, I'd do the former. But sometimes you need to do the thinking too.

And sometimes. You close your eyes, look deep inside yourself, and ask yourself a question. And you find the answer. Not the answer you want or need, but the answer that IS.

When life gives you lemons,
sometimes you don't have to make lemonade,
or ask for tequila and salt,
or squeeze the lemons till there's nothing left,
or just suck on them and let the bitter jolt you back to reality.

Sometimes, you just look at the lemons, and wonder why life gave them to you in the first place.
You look at the lemons, and ask yourself what you want from them.
Ask yourself, what is it that you want to do with these lemons in your life.

Sometimes the purpose of the lemons isn't finding the answer. Its asking the question.

What you make of those lemons is completely your choice.

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